This method enables a multi-unit synchronous launchof confetti. Cartridges filled with the desired confetti orstreamers are fired from 12 to 20 m away. The distancereached depends on the size of the cartridges and thetype of confetti or streamers. The effect lasts until the firedconfetti fall on the ground. In order to repeat the effect, thecartridges with the confetti need to be replaced.



The device expels different types of confetti approximately 6 to 8 m high. The device is very powerful and therefore suitable for stadiums and larger event spaces. With a single shot we cover approximately 40 m2.
The effect lasts up to 60 s.



Swirl fan is a device that enables creation of a “rain confetti” snowy storm. It can produce slowly descending confetti in the shape of a heart and the like. The device can be controlled by a DMX controller, hence multiple devices can be connected in series. Device can be mounted on a aluminium structure at the place where the effect is wanted. A single charge produces an effect lasting from 4 to 6 minutes (depending on the quantity and intensity of the confetti activity). One device covers approximately 8 m2. Since the machine is very quiet, it is suitable for television or theatre usage.