Various explosive effects and fountains on stage can make an event especially well-recieved. WE provide burners that produce fire pillars or fire balls. These effects can easily be synchronized with music, that being a popular world trend at the moment.




Heavy fog - dry ice:
Heavy fog is a unique effect of fog, characterized by the fact that it never raises above 60 cm. If you have stairs, heavy fog flows through them. The fog is odourless and disappears immediately when ceased to feed. For the device to operate dry ice, water and electricity are needed. One device can cover approximately 30 m2. Effect lasts for five minutes at most, then the device needs fifteen minutes to re-heat. We offer several devices, which enables you to prolong or increase the effect.

Heavy fog - XXL:
This device creates a large amount of heavy fog in a limited amount of time. It can produce a misty curtain. The fog is odourless and it never raises above 60 cm high. The device can be controlled via a DMX control. This very powerful device can be used for production of heavy fog on large areas.