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complete production
(from set design & construction to post-production)


Anno (Bilo je nekoč), originally produced by Strix Norway, is a competitive reality show which takes its competitors on an epic social experiment back in time to relive a challenging period in history, to learn the skills of the period, and to live like their forefathers have. A combination of scripted characters, historical settings, costumes, and classic competitive reality show, it is a whole new kind of a TV format.


Temma-X has been the first to produce it after Strix, taking what was originally a weekly reality show and turning it into a daily one - pushing the envelope even further than the original production.

The Slovenian version of the show is set in 1810 - the time of the Illyrian Provinces, a turbulent time of important social changes in Slovenia as well as the dawn of Slovenian national consciousness. In accordance with the historical background, Temma-X creatively produced the show, picked the set location, built the set, and took care of all the other aspects of production and post-production (from shooting, directing, to final editing), thus creating an unforgettable experience for the viewers of the show as well as the competitors.