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complete production
(from set design & construction to post-production)


The latest two seasons of the smash-hit comedy game show My Man Can (Moj dragi zmore) for the Slovenian audience were fully produced by Temma-X - from set design and construction, to creative production of the broadcast content, shooting and directing, graphics, and the whole post-production - bringing a weekly dose of entertainment to viewers at home and in the studio as the women gambled on the abilities of their partners. This was a logical continuation of the work Temma-X had done in the season before, when most (but not all) of production processes were in the hands of Temma-X.

A specially impressive set was created for the show by our set design and construction team with a hanging LED display measuring 14 m x 4 m that opened up and functioned as a gateway to a hidden area where the challenges for the contestants were being held.