_music | RTL (Croatia)

set design & construction, lighting design, special effects, directing, props studio


A music show created on the idea of The Ultimative Chart Show bringing the viewers quality entertainment, music and other celebrities, a house band, live music performances, a popular host, and a detailed analysis of the Croatian music scene of the recent decades recorded in front of a live audience.

Each episode explored a different period, genre, or even motif of music. This variety of themes necessitated a high level of flexibility in the set design and lighting, as well as set dressing and props, to shape the numerous atmospheres required.

The show was actually shot on the same set as Uhvati bingo ritam. The set was one of the largest TV studio sets built by Temma-X as the stage was 21 meters wide and 4.2 meters deep. In building the set, Temma-X relied heavily on the use of LED lighting, video wall, and other lighting technology, making it also one of the most technologically advanced sets designed and built by Temma-X and a very versatile one. The set was easily transformed to be used for different shows only by the use of lights and different graphics.

Besides designing and constructing the set, Temma-X also took over the set lighting design, directing of the show, special effects, and props studio.