_talent & lottery | RTL (Croatia)

set design & construction, lighting design & setup, special effects


 Uhvati bingo ritam was a new take on a classic TV lottery format, taking what is usually a short draw of numbers for the bingo and turning it into an hour and a half long TV show full of music, entertainment, and prize games. The set was thus composed of three parts: a corner with seats for conversations with guests, the central part with the rotating drums and a huge video wall for drawing the numbers for bingo and other prize games, and a corner for band performances.

The set was one of the largest TV studio sets built by Temma-X as the stage was 21 meters wide and 4.2 meters deep. In building the set, Temma-X relied heavily on the use of LED lighting, video wall, and other lighting technology, making it also one of the most technologically advanced sets designed and built by Temma-X and a very versatile one. The set was easily transformed to be used for different shows only with small corrections and by the use of lights and different graphics. By 2016 it has  already been used for recording four different shows: Uhvati bingo ritam, Hrvatski broj jedan, Kolo sreće and Big Brother Hrvatska.