DANES/TODAY (2014, 2012)

_daily | Planet TV (Slovenia)

set design & construction, lighting design, graphics


When Planet TV entered the Slovenian media market as the new national commercial broadcaster in 2012, it needed a representative news studio for their main daily news broadcast Danes if it was to establish itself as a valid competitor to the biggest commercial TV programme POP TV and its daily news show 24ur (24hours).

Temma-X designed and constructed the studio set (and then redesigned it in 2014), together with designing the lighting, preparing the graphics, and all the instructions to the director, cameramen, and the news presenters on how to use the studio set correctly and to the fullest of its potential. Planet TV debuted before the audiences with a contemporary and visually rich news studio with big screen backdrops, a video wall, and graphics that were easily adapted to the content presented by the news presenter.

When redesigning the studio in 2014, Planet TV asked for an open, flowing, and spacious set without a news desk for its presenters, which was a novelty in the Slovenian news studio design. Inspired by the latest trends imposed by the global news stations (CNN, BBC, etc.), Temma-X built a moving studio set, containing five interconnected positions which are used by the news presenters and journalists according to the content presented and/or concept of the individual show. Together with big screen backdrops, a video wall, and new technological solutions, like the use of a new steadicam in the studio, Planet TV was provided with the most advanced news studio set in the country.