_cook-off | RTL (Croatia)

set design & construction


For the third season of the popular Croatian TV cook-off Tri, dva, jedan - kuhaj!, RTL wanted a set that looked quite differently from the sets used in the previous seasons while retaining the general layout of the space and the cooking stations.

Taking the lead concept of the season of two big teams competing, one from Continental Croatia and the other from Coastal Croatia, Temma-X designed and built a set that looked like an old town square with a house from Continental Croatia on one side of the square and a house from Coastal Croatia on the other (rather than designing an indoor space as was common in the previous seasons). To overcome budget restrictions most of the buildings in the backdrop were actually graphics printed on canvases rather than a built set. The same goes for the paved floors, which were all graphics as well. Although a little overstated to the naked eye, the graphics actually worked extremely well on camera.